Our Mission

To bring enjoyment and enlightenment to the lives of our customers by providing an entertaining and comfortable venue for sharing wine, beer and tapas from around the world.

Our Vision

To become Huntsville’s most popular and iconic gathering place for beer and wine enthusiasts who enjoy the adventure of experiencing new wines, beers and food, sharing our business success with our community and our staff members.

So, what is a wine flight?

A wine flight is a sequence of wine samples which have a common theme, such as the type of grape or the category of taste.  Each wine flight consists of 4 glasses with each containing two-ounces of a different wine. They are often placed in a certain order, from lightest to more complex.  The origin of the term “Flight” is not exactly known, but some have said it refers to travel; travel over time (vintage flights) or over space (different varietals or vineyard/producer flights). A wine flight is the ultimate in wine tasting because it allows you to fully appreciate the differences and similarities in a group of wines.  Let’s all take a flight!

And, what is a tapa?


The birthplace of the tapa was in Andalusia, southern Spain.  Originally, a drink was served with a slice of cold meat such as cured ham or chorizo, or a piece of cheese.  The tapas were used to cover wine glasses to keep the aroma in and insects out. Tapa meant to “cover” based upon this culinary legend.

A tapa is an appetizer or snack in Spanish cuisine and translates to small portion of any kind of Spanish cuisine. Tapa may be cold (such as mixed olives or cheese) or hot (such as battered, fried items) served on a small plate or bowl.

In bars and restaurants across the globe, tapas have evolved into a more sophisticated cuisine. Tapa items can be from any country and combined to make a full meal.

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